This Book Is Alive

This unique study is divided into a friendly, yet powerful 6-week course. Everything your group needs is available here. You can even connect with your group using our helpful forums, or discuss your individual studies with our supportive international community.

To start diving into the rich, powerful Word of God, simply click here or select Week 1: God’s Plan for Your Life. For offline study, each week can be conveniently printed or downloaded as a PDF.

Week 1: God’s Plan For Your Life

God's Word is a supernatural seed that brings God's plan for our lives into focus and creates an incredible harvest in our lives.

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Week 2: God’s Peace For Your Life

It's not easy to memorize things . . . even GREAT things. God will help you memorize it and put it into action in your life!

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Week 3: God’s Purpose For Your Life

We all have a sense of how we could love God and others better . . . God can help you do these things today.

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Week 4: God’s Protection For Your Life

We play a part in God's protection of our lives and those we love. God is ready to provide that protection. You just need to ask.

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Week 5: God’s Provision For Your Life

Spending time meditating on the Word takes discipline… God can give you what you need to do this, if you ask.

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Week 6: God’s Power In Your Life

Your life will become rich and meaningful as you experience God's peace, purpose, protection, provision, and power in your life.

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