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Multiply the impact of your sharing ministry by helping others become members of the League. These banner ads were designed to be placed on church, ministry, blogs and other Christian web sites. We've made it easy. You can even track the results in your ministry progress profile tab!

Preview thumbnails shown below of some banners are cropped to show detail. Click on the image or the Details link to view the entire banner. You must be logged in to view banner detail.

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How to use our banners

Sorry, but there are no banners available in the currently active language at this time.

How to use our banners

Our new automated banner system makes it easy to add a League banner to your website or blog. Just find a banner you're interested in using.

Click the thumbnail image or the "Details" link to see the entire banner and more information.

Click inside the text area showing the code. It will automatically select all the text in that field.

Choose Edit > Copy from your browser's menu to copy this code to your computer's clipboard.

Go to your HTML editing prgram for your web page and click where you want the banner to appear on your page. Note that you must edit the source code, not the content text.

Choose Edit > Paste to paste the HTML code into that spot.

Save your file and upload your new code to your server. The banner will now appear!

Important: Flash banners cannot be used on many community web portals, such as MySpace, because of security limitations. Please use a static image banner if the Flash banners don't work.

To track the results, log into the League web site and click the link marked "Edit Profile" which appears at the top of every page of the site, next to your name. Click the tab on the right marked "View MInistry Progress" and you'll see a heading for your banner statistics. Shown will be the number of clicks (unique IP addresses) and the number of signups that resulted. A separate line appears for each active banner you have running, so use more than one if you wish!


一天只要幾分鐘的時間,靈修日誌幫助您養成每日深入思想上帝話語的習慣。日誌內容是由矽谷生命河靈糧堂(River of Life Christian Church)劉彤牧師編寫,週一到週五每天提供您一段經文深入閱讀,並搭配經文注釋與相關思想問題,幫助您將主的話語運用在日常生活中。歡迎您現在就進入訂閱靈修日誌,與我們一同每日讀經親近神。







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